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  • I want to know how to use a hot water canteen.

    - Clean the canteen before use and fill over half of it with water.
    - Water is heated using the vapor heat when connected to the lid valve of the canteen.
    - Throw away the water from the used canteen.
  • I’ve used all the heat packs. Can I order more?

    You can order heat packs separately from an online shopping mall, or you can make an order through the customer service center.

    THREE STAR 032-766-8700
  • What types of Waking Cooks are there?

    THREE STAR’s product is an easy cooking kit designed to cook for outdoor activities without fire or cooking utensils.
    Unlike products from other companies, Walking Cook allows users to cook with fresh ingredients instead of using untested food.
    We offer the following types of products.

    - Steamless Walking Cook A
    Case + Main pot + Vinchero canteen + Cooking pot

    - Steamless Walking Cook B
    Case + Main pot + Vinchero canteen + Single cooking pack 5EA.+ Twin cooking pack 5EA

    - Heating Pack


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